Turkey arrests Emirati spies probes Khashoggi link

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Germany is the fourth largest exporter of weapons to Saudi Arabia after the United States Britain and France. 2 consisting of Saudi officials who arrived in Turkey for his murder and a cover up team also in charge of dismembering Khashoggis body. The CIA and some Western countries believe the Crown Prince which Saudi officials deny. We have extensive evidence of the individuals covert activities on Turkish soil calling it an airtight case. They also confessed to have been employed by the UAEs intelligence services. The suspected spies said they had recruited informants and paid them for information the official added. Istanbul is the cultural and has a history as a hub for spying in the Middle East. 2 Khashoggi murder and given the time of the operatives arriving in Turkey. A prior Reuters investigation found it was even recruiting American former spies and NSA specialists in order to monitor Arab dissidents. The official said statements by the detained men suggested their intelligence operation targeted political exiles and students

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