Turkish opposition set to seize Ankara Izmir in major setback for Erdogan

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There was a tense standoff in Istanbul as both the opposition and the AK Party claimed victory in the polls due to a narrow margin. A defeat in Istanbul would deliver a symbolic shock to the president. In a speech in Ankara Erdogan hinted that the AKP may have lost control of Istanbul. Even if our people gave away the mayorship he said. We have a long period ahead where we will carry out economic reforms without compromising on the rules of the free market economy Erdogan said. I was at an industry conference comprised of my female peerswhat would be my last time there as I had announced my intent to start my own companywhen a friend ran up to me joyously stating she had seen me. An AKP official said there were voting irregularities and insisted that Erdoans party had won. Inflation is hovering at about 20% sending the cost of living soaring for working class AKP voters. Despite the setbacks Erdogans ruling party and an allied nationalist party still won more than half of the votes across Turkey

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