Libyan National Army Head Haftar Declares Jihad To Confront Expel Turkish Troops

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Lawmakers in Turkeys ruling party applaud Thursday after parliament voted in an emergency session to authorize sending troops to Libya. Turkish lawmakers voted 325 year mandate allowing the government to dispatch troops over concerns that Turkish forces could aggravate the conflict in Libya and destabilize the region. Meanwhile Libyas forces in the countrys east say they have called on citizens to take up arms against Turkish troops if they deploy to fight against them. The government has not revealed details about the possible Turkish deployment. The general vowed to confront and expel foreign forces in a statement on Friday singling out Ankara by name. Some observers fear that sending troops could only worsen matters in Libya propelling the war into greater levels of bloodshed. conflicting reports from libya on friday evening said that the lna had shot down a turkish military plane south of tripoli the seat of the government of national accord

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