Shell Shock Turtle Flies Into Car Windshield On SC Highway

turtle windshield


A South Carolina driver has been left shell shocked after a turtle smashed through the windshield of his car. 30pm Tuesday when the airborne reptile crashed into his sedan. Authorities say the turtle was sent flying through the air like a missile after a truck struck the animal with its rear tire. I still dont understand how it Gardner told WBTW on Wednesday. Gardner said the truck driver checked to make sure he was OK after the incident. A turtle wound up smashing into a South Carolina drivers windshield. Facebook Screen GrabWhen his car was hit by a flying turtle Tuesday a South Carolina driver was worried his boss would not believe why he was going to be late to work. The auto body shop repairing his car for close to $2 according to the TV station. After putting a rubber turtle on a busy South Carolina road according to faunalytics. According to Gardner the turtle came flying at him so quickly that it looked like a big black dot that he had no way of avoiding

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