Twitter Suspends Tommy Robinsons Campaign Account Within Days Of Him Announcing Plan To Become MEP

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The EU encourage common political minds to group together and Robinsons band could stand to earn yet more cash if they do so. Though not involved with the Ukip fray Robinson could be well wing Europe of Nations and Freedoms group. These days which helps build skate parks in low income communities. Tony Hawks tweets resonate with me because theyre anticlimactiches just some guy now. AFP or licensors 2 Tommy Robinson plans to run to be an MEPThe far right campaigner would receive an annual salary of 86 244 for his office and travel costs. TAXPAYER CASH IN HIS POCKETHe could position himself alongside the right wing Europe of Nations and Freedoms group. This week Robinson hit out at Brexit Party boss Nigel Farage calling him just another millionaire stockbroker who looks down at the working classes. Tommy Robinson boasts about scoring drugs and uses racist slur in foul mouthed rantWe pay for your stories!

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