Fresh off of suing Twitter cow Rep Devin Nunes sends eight criminal referrals to attorney general

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that i think are more complicated considering who this is coming from. we believe there was a conspiracy to lie to the fisa court and we believe the [relevant. But since Nunes is sending the referrals to an attorney general hand picked by Donald Trump to make Donald Trump happy they cant just be dismissed as the nonsense they are. Of course legal response from me to Rep. Nunes has sworn to protect free speechAs a congressman Rep. Foremost among those was the right of free speech. Nunes has benefited from it for his entire life as have I. Who is Devin Nunes?Devin Nunes is a Republican representative for Californias 22nd congressional district. Devin Nunes was asked if he planned to host any local forums or town hall meetings. from the production side to the distribution side new technologies are upending the industry

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