Twitter Is Changing Policy To Allow Users To Hide Replies

twitter hide


During testing said in a blog post on Thursday. Users will still be able to see and engage with hidden replies by pressing an icon that will appear on the tweets. The San Francisco based company earlier this year introduced the option to hide replies to tweets in some countries an option that promised to help foster more reasonable online conversations. To hide a reply you click on a gray downward arrow on the lower right corner of a tweet and then click on an option that says Hide reply. Those replies will be moved to a different page where they can still be viewed by other users. To see the hidden replies users can select the hidden reply icon on the tweet. The company announced Thursday that it has rolled out a new feature allowing users to hide replies to their tweets. From now on users can hide all manner of unwanted tweets from the slightly irksome to the totally offensive. The option is a new way to shut out noise noting that 85% of the people who hide replies are not using block or mute

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