Twitter Temporarily Suspends Conservative Pundit Erick Erickson Over Sen Elizabeth Warren Joke

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It was a joke about Warren that called down the banhammer. Warrens claim to Native American heritage has been an ill fated and notorious struggle. Even though she eventually admitted to having very little blood connections to the Native Americans Warren still claimed minority status while at Harvard. On Friday and former RedState editor chief Erick Erickson for a joke tweet about 2020 Democrat Sen. In a response to PJ Media but he did call out the company for its apparent bias against conservatives. Rachel Dolezal was a white woman pretending to be black the co host said. This was an incredibly clever quip and arguably got ahead in her career through this posing. Warrens attempt to pose as Native America is an eminently mockable fact and Erick Erickson was not harassing her with his joke tweet. Warren was forced to face her missteps on claims of her Native American heritage in an awkward interview where she attempted to dodge painful and damaging questions. According to the Daily Caller the tweet Erickson was suspended for was a joke relating to her claims of being a Native American

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