Twitter adds a true dark mode to its iOS app

twitter mode


If you still like the blue gray dark mode better dont worry because its not going anywhere. Youll still be able to use it in the app in case you want to use it over the black white one. with lights out which could potentially help save battery life. iOS users should get the update with these new features starting today. However but instead a blue gray theme only. Today the micro blogging site has finally rolled out a darker shade of its night mode via a new option on its iOS app. On the general section if you havent already. The social media company said Thursday its releasing a new dark mode for its iPhone app that turns the background black instead of blue gray. Turning on dark mode not only gives your eyes a break from bright light but can help save your phones battery life. Then theres Automatic Dark Mode which will automatically turn on the dark mode that you choose when the sun sets

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