Trump self destructs on Twitter with retweets of far right group

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# p #2_8 # ad skipped = NULL #In the series of tweets Trump demanded the FBI and CIA handling of Christopher Steeles dossier. # p #4_8 # ad skipped = NULL #Trump then promoted a convoluted tweet from conspiracy theorist and Texas Republican Louie Gohmert. # p #7_8 # ad skipped = null #you can examine the insanity closer at. # p #8_8 # ad skipped = NULL ## p #9_8 # ad skipped = NULL #. The president began by asking if the New York Times will apologize to him. foxandfriends is by far the best of the morning political shows on television. 27% reported a nearly 27% drop in first quarter profit Trump cited comments made on Fox Business Network about EU tariffs forcing the motorcycle maker to move U. They said the move was in response to retaliatory tariffs the EU slapped on Harleys after Trump imposed duties on steel and aluminum imports from Europe. The threat of retaliatory action comes amid a wider trade spat with the EU in which Trump has threatened tariffs on European cars. Trump consistently retweets phony and bogus information that is transmitted by the most untrustworthy people the Republican Party and their surrogates

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