Ricardo Hausmanns Morning After for Venezuela The Neoliberal Brain Behind Juan Guaidos Economic Agenda

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SOUTH WINDS OF 25 TO 40 MPH WITH GUSTS OF 55 TO 60 MPH ARE EXPECTED. THE HIGH WINDS MAY DAMAGE TREES AND DAMAGE SOME STRUCTURES. DRIVING WILL BE HAZARDOUS ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE TRAVELING IN HIGH PROFILE VEHICLES. BE ALERT TO SUDDEN GUSTS OF WIND WHICH MAY CAUSE YOU TO LOSE CONTROL OF YOUR VEHICLE. Hausmann emerged among a group of neoliberal economists gathered around the Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administracin. Hausmanns return to power spells the restoration of the IESA Boys agenda bringing neoliberal austerity back with a vengeance. In other words and the ISEA Boys had opened up Venezuela for a free run by multinational corporations while gutting whatever was left of the welfare state. The selection of Ricardo Hausmann to serve at the Inter American Development Bank by Guaids U. handlers demonstrates how central neoliberal economics are to his own administration. China offered on Wednesday to help Venezuela repair its power grid after the country was plunged into its worst blackout on record reports Reuters

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