Brazil seeks negotiated exit for Venezuelas Maduro

venezuela maduro


DESPERATE Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro has urged brutal gun toting gangs on to the streets as a six day blackout kills hundreds. In a speech splashed across all TV and radio stations in the country claimed the attack began with all computer screens in the control room of the Guri dam abruptly going black. The dam supplies most of the country with hydroelectric power and China today offered to help with the power grid repairs. Mobile phone reception has been patchy and homes have suffered from a lack of water as pumping stations shut down. Guaido is backed by some 50 countries Russia and Cuba. Here in the border town of Cucuta thugs paid by Venezuelan Dictator Nicholas Maduros regime are targeting people for robbery and kidnapping. The border between Venezuela and Colombia is now officially closed. As I was filming along the riverbank I was attacked by three men who tried to drag me into Venezuela. But it was a powerful lesson in how Maduros brutal regime uses its power against these people every day

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