Newt Gingrich Venezuelas dictator Maduro must go Even if the military has to intervene

venezuela maduro


pressure against the government of venezuelas embattled president nicolas maduro. One would add new restrictions on the export of tear gas riot gear and other tems that can be used for crime control. and more than 50 other nations have recognized opposition leader juan guaido. They say Maduro wasnt legitimately re elected last year. US WITHDRAWING REMAINING STAFF FROM EMBASSY IN VENEZUELAHowever we should not underestimate how difficult getting rid of the Maduro dictatorship is going to be. There are some estimates that China has invested more than $60 billion into propping up the Maduro regime. The collapse of 80 percent of the countrys electricity system had created enormous and growing hardships for the Venezuelan people. Long before the collapse of the electricity system the Venezuelan people were suffering from the economic hardships created by the Maduro regime. all the financial assets of every member of the maduro system. Venezuelans are exiting their homes and workplaces in a walkout organized by the opposition to demand that Maduro leave power

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