Venezuelas Maduro Blackout due to cyber incident infiltrators

venezuela maduro


Venezuelas President Nicolas Maduro says the countrys complete electrical failure has been caused by an international cyber attack but that his administration has defeated their coup. Power and communication outages continue to hit Venezuela on Sunday intensifying the hardship of a country paralysed by economic and political crises. Valeria Castillo told Al Jazeera she briefly escaped her home where she takes care of her ailing parents to attend an opposition rally in the capital. Maduro also accused Guaido and his US allies of sabotaging Venezuelas Guri Dam one of the worlds largest hydroelectric stations and the cornerstone of Venezuelas electrical grid. A massive power failure extended into a second day in Venezuela marking one of the worst blackouts in recent memory for a nation accustomed to persistent electricity problems. Communications Minister Jorge Rodriguez implied that the U. could be involved in the incident a comment echoed by President Nicolas Maduro. The electricity war announced and led by U. Travelers also reported that the lights went out in the international airport near Caracas the countrys largest. This time Electricity Minister Luis Motta said on state television

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