Virginia Basketball Coach Tony Bennett Declines Raise Gives The Money To His Staff

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Has the most restrictive eligibility guidelines for patient financial assistance of any major hospital system in Virginia. Reporters reconstructed the hospitals practices by talking directly with patients analyzing court documents and hospital bills and observing the legal process in court. Although state regulations require that inmates have medical and mental health screenings upon admission those assessments vary greatly across Virginias 58 local and regional jails. Jail officials say they do their best to evaluate inmates suicide risk by interviewing them about any history of mental health issues feelings of depression or suicidal thoughts. Virginia basketball coach Tony Bennett pulled off a classy move for his assistants. According to a release from the school on Monday Bennett was offered a substantial raise after winning the national title this past season. Virginia is one of eight states that have a legal requirement to disclose race on marriage forms. I have more than enough adding that the gift was his wifes idea. School President Jim Ryan lauded Bennett for his humility and Bennett and his wife for their generosity

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