Virginia Judge Acquits Michael Flynn Business Partner With Implications For Flynns Case

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Abigail Spanberger of Virginias 7th district is one of seven first term Democrats from swing districts calling for the impeachment of President Trump if allegations are true that he withheld military aid to Ukraine if they didnt investigate political rival Joe Biden. When officers told him to drop the weapon Smith pulled out a second gun and started shooting at them. Dial says Smith then took the woman as a human shield as he attempted to get into the gas stations store and then steal a car. When that failed Smith fired multiple rounds into a police cruiser before officers shot him. But after hearing the same evidence Judge Trenga concluded that the jury acted unreasonably and entered a judgment of acquittal in Rafiekians favor. With that evidence Powell hopes to present a case for full dismissal of the charges against Flynn for egregious prosecutorial misconduct. There is no evidence Judge Trenga wrote. The findings are expected to be released Tuesday evening during a City Council meeting. Virginia Beach Mayor Bobby Dyer says the presentation will include more details about the shooter and his work history as well as what police have determined happened that day. A security firm hired by the city to conduct an independent investigation is also expected to give an update on its probe during the City Council meeting

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