Virginia UNC Meet In Key ACC Coastal Division Matchup

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Flag football is becoming one of the fastest growing youth sports in the country. But experts warn there are still safety measures that need to be in place. The Tar Heels can keep themselves near the top with a victory. Virginia and Tar Heels are joined by Pittsburgh and Virginia Tech at the two loss mark Miami and Georgia Tech with three ACC defeats each. The only thing resembling a blowout on the Tar Heels schedule was a 38 22 victory at Georgia Tech. Elections for Virginias state legislature are Democrats first big enthusiasm test before the 2020 elections start. In past off years turnout hasnt been very high; theres usually not a ton of interest in state legislative elections alone. The perceived interest in a normally sleepy election is part of what makes this an interesting test for Democrats and Republicans alike for 2020. Theres also the inescapable factor that whoever wins the state house will be in control of drawing congressional districts after the 2020 census. virginia republicans had previously drawn maps in their partys favor until a court struck them down as a racial gerrymander

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