John Travoltas Mtv Vmas Bloopers Actor Refuses To Open Envelope Gives Award To Taylor Swift Drag Queen

vmas travolta


hahaha john travolta almost gave the award to jade jolie. did john travolta thing jade jolie was taylor or sumn #vmas. john travolta almost gave the award to the drag taylor. Latifah announced that Taylor Swift had won for her tune You Need to Calm Down. The Pulp Fiction star made fun of himself and even dropped an f bomb at the award show Monday night. During her season on the show and is a dead ringer for the singer. CLOSE Taylor Swift dropped her highly anticipated album Lover which includes a collaboration with the Dixie Chicks and some juicy lyrical references. John Travolta mistaking Jade Jolie for Taylor Swift. After Swift was announced as the winner and made her way to the stage with an entourage of friends and RuPauls Drag Race stars a clearly puzzled Travolta attempted to hand the award to Jolie

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