India election Man chops off own finger after mistakenly voting for wrong candidate

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Most polling stations in Srinagar and Budgam areas of Kashmir looked deserted in the morning with more armed police paramilitary soldiers and election staff present than voters. Most polling stations in Srinagar appeared deserted paramilitary soldiers and election staff than voters. In vote rich Uttar Pradesh state the states chief electoral officer. The airstrikes pushed the two longtime nuclear armed rivals to the brink of war but it boosted Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modis public standing. 3 billion citizens are eligible to vote for thousands of candidates competing for 543 seats in the Indias lower house of Parliament. The election will be scattered over six weeks in the worlds most populous democracy. A man in India says he chopped off his finger after accidentally voting for the wrong party in the countrys ongoing general election. In Uttar Pradesh there have been protests by Dalits over a statistical rise in crimes and atrocities against scheduled castes. The Election Commission insists he machines are reliable and has urged the public to be cautious about reports to the contrary. Machines have the responsibility of counting the votes in India but how should the results be checked?A neat statistical test could be the best way to guarantee that everyone can trust the outcome

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