Georgia likely to plow ahead with buying insecure voting machines

voting machine


Brian Kemp plans to eschew advice from experts and replace the states voting infrastructure a move that worried the states Democrats for risking election security. Martin IV said there had been zero instances of hackers breaching Georgias current voting machines. Theres a fundamental disagreement about whether machine voting or paper voting is more secure among the people that were voting on the bill she said in an interview. security experts warn that an intruder can corrupt the machines and alter the barcode based ballots without voters or election officials realizing it. They say it is much safer to use scanned in paper ballots that voters mark by hand which leave a permanent and accurate record of the voters choices. Brian Kemp with the woman who should be governor Stacey AbramsIts not enough to rely on voter suppression alone for Georgia Gov. The Republican has a bill before him to overhaul the states voting systems. The alternative leaving a permanent record of voters selections. Greg Dolezal so the one they landed on was as good as any other. Hand marked paper ballots are not hackable

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