French yellow vest protests staged amid enhanced security

yellow vest


To try prevent any confrontation the authorities also banned the yellow vests from gathering in the centre of several flashpoint cities on Saturday. Pressed on the issue in Brussels Friday Macron stressed that the army would in no way be involved in maintaining law and order. The controversy was being whipped up by those who play at scaring themselves and scaring others. But remarks by the military governor of Paris did little to allay the concerns of those worried about the army stepping up. the yellow vest ban on saturday includes the champs clad demonstrators. The announcement has drawn howls of protest from the opposition who have accused the government of playing with fire. In a YouTube post truck driver Eric Drouet called on protesters not to try to return to the Champs Elysees. Shattered panes were being removed from a Swarovski crystal store which was ransacked after neglecting to board up its windows. In recent weeks according to official estimates. Authorities banned protests from the capitals Champs Elysees avenue and central areas of several cities including Bordeaux and Rouen in western France

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