Mother And Child Saved From Paris Bank Fire During Yellow Vest Riot

yellow vest


Luxury stores restaurants and banks on the Champs threatening fires. Tourists took pictures as shop owners tried to repair broken windows and city workers scrubbed away graffiti. The posh avenue looked like a battle scene Saturday as protesters rampaged and riot police struggled to contain them for hours. The yellow vest movement had been fizzling in recent weeks. But now protests turned to riots are quickly returning to being potentially deadly with a number of dramatic close calls on Saturday. The mother and child reportedly barely escaped the massive flames raging out of control as they leaped higher into the residential space above. Amazingly and fortunately including two firefighters. Lointier said a mother and her child were saved from the flames on the second floor and other residents were safely evacuated. saturdays yellow vest protests have escalated in intensity as clashes with the police grew increasingly violent. violence broke out on the champs elysees paris using tear gas and water cannons to disperse the crowd

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