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French security forces have used a last resort chemical weapon against Yellow Vest for the first time it emerged today. It was the eighteenth Saturday in a row of demonstrations by the Yellow Vests who are named after their distinctive high visibility jackets. Police have used a range of controversial weapons so far from rounds of tear gas to so called flash ball rubber bullets that have caused scores of injuries. Teargas is classed as a chemical weapon in line with international agreements. Investors are feeling positive about the markets and this is on the back of the stellar rally which we experienced last week. There are several events during this week that have the potential to move the needle of the risk appetite. The Yellow Vest violence erupted once again in the second most powerful country in the Eurozone France. Saturdays demonstrations were characterised by a sharp increase in violence after weeks of dwindling turnout with hooded protesters looting and torching shops along the famed avenue. raged Bernard Stalter a national network of chambers of trades and crafts

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